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Bài hát
"History of the Tri-State Area"
The History of the Tri-State Area.jpg
Bài hát bởi Don và Những du khách ở Tòa Thị chính
Thể loại:
Show tune, Patter song
Độ dài:
DonCandace niên sử
Kế trước:
"Extraordinary" (Candace)
Hiện tại:
History of the Tri-State Area
Tiếp theo:
"Candace Party" (Candace)
Đoạn nhạc
Phineas and Ferb - History of the Tri State Area01:10

Phineas and Ferb - History of the Tri State Area

"History of the Tri-State Area" (Lịch sử của Vùng Ba Bang) là bài hát được Don thực hiện, một hướng dẫn viên tại tòa thị chính trong tập phim "Where's Pinky?", giải thích lịch sử lâu đời của Vùng Ba Bang cho những du khách biết.

Lời bài hát

Don: A lot of people know that the Tri-State Area
Used to be a Bi-State Area with an Adjacent Area over there;
What people don't know is that originally it was three distinct
Single-State Areas, but people don't care.

The founders of the Area were independent thinkers,
Completely unaffected by bureaucratic hurdles
And that's why the Capitol building was moved here from Sri Lanka
On the backs of seven giant sea turtles.

It's the history of an area, the Tri-State Area,
Formed mostly from adobe and seaweed;
If you've heard it different elsewhere, that's historical hysteria,
So stop believing everything you read!

Over here's a diorama of the first diorama
Of Vincent Diorama, who lived right here!
When I say "right here", I mean in this very room,
'Til we moved him to a studio apartment last year.

It's the history of an area, the Tri-State Area,
Don't mean to cause a ruckus or a fuss;
It's the birthplace of the onion and the Danville cafeteria,
And home of Bigfoot's hairless cousin, us!

It's the history of an area, the Tri-State Area,
Where planet Venus holds some office space;
Try to think of someplace better, well I double-dog-dare ya,
But if you can't, then get out of my face!

Don và những du khách nam: It's the History of the Tri-State Area!
Ca sĩ hát nền, Candace, và những du khách nữ: (History of the Tri-State Area!)

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"Candace Party"

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