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Rough songwriting demo for the opening Clay Aiken-Chaka Kahn song in the special "Summer Belongs To You." Written and performed by Dan Povenmire and Martin Olson. Demo produced by Martin Olson Recorded lo-fi in Dan's office at Disney using Garageband and no mics. Our songs usually take about one hour to write. Copyright 2010 by The Walt Disney Company


What is summer really but a simple month or three? If you agree with Buford, that's all it will ever be

And we don't need to break the laws of physics To make a day that's longer than a day We can follow that old sun 'round The circumference of the globe And stop all the nay-sayers from nay-saying

'Cause I believe we can And that's the measure The measure of a man We'll make it back here To where we began Or at least that's the plan

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