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Danny: Sit down, I'll tell you a little story.

(Blues) Danny: When I was a boy, down in South Illinois, I heard a man playing blues, oh, what a wonderful noise He had an old guitar, but not a dollar to his name, Making music so sad, but he was happy just the same He gave me a wink, and said: "Son, let me share the news... If you want a happy life, you gotta learn to sing the blues!"

(Rock and roll) I asked my daddy for a guitar, Oh, I begged and I plead, I said I wanted to play the blues, and he just nodded his head. Daddy said when he was my age, "Boogie-Woogie" was the thing- Phineas: Just take the blues, throw out your hip, and add a little swing... Danny: Ah, music has the power, that without it, he'd a-sworn That he'd a never met my mom and I'd a-never been born...

(Psychedelic guitar solo) Phineas: So what's this? Danny: This is Psychedelia; It's where the guitar solo came from. Phineas: No, I mean what's with all the colors? (Music suddenly stops) Danny: I have no idea.

(Funk) Danny: Ha! I kept learning All the powers my guitar had... I made it go "wakka-wakka" 'Till it was so good it was bad Phineas: Just make a face, and stomp that bass, You can make that rhythm bump... But this is just the blues, but in a way that makes you wanna shake your rump! Danny: I can make you clap your hands... (Clap, Clap) I can make you get up and dance... If you wanna shake your booty, my friend, You gotta give the funk a chance....

(Heavy metal) Danny: Metal! Pound your fist in the air! Metal! Bang your head full of hair! It's crunchy, and it's nasty, full of bad attitude... Phineas: Your parents will think you're crazy, Your neighbors will think you're rude Danny: Believe it or not, it's all the blues again; You just add a little fuzz and turn your amp up to 10! Music has the power to change your life, Forever! (Guitar solo)


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