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Ferb: You're gonna love Phineas: You're gonna love just what this car can do Ferb: We tricked it out Phineas: We worked really hard just to trick it out for you A simple push of a button changes the pattern and the hue On your sweet ride Candace: My sweet ride

Ooh, look! The visor's a vanity! Jeremy: And the glove box has real hands Vivian, Mrs. Tjinder, Mrs. Johnson: Shoo-bop, shoo-bop Phineas: It steers itself, there's a trophy shelf And it opens up your cans And if you need a rocket engine, you'll be the envy of the whole gang Vivian, Mrs. Tjinder, Mrs. Johnson: Shoo-bop, shoo-bop Dr. Doofenshmirtz: My car has a turret that goes Ferb: Boom ba-ba-boom ba-bang-a-bang-bang Ba-ba-boom ba-ba-boom ba-bang-a-bang-bang Linda: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Ferb: We're gonna cruise Vivian: Cruising with our friends Mrs. Tjinder, Mrs. Johnson: (Ooh, oo-ooh) Linda: Follow me, we're almost there! Ferb: Deploy the chutes! Phineas: Let's deploy the chutes, Ferb! There's romance in the air! Jeremy: There's nothing I'd rather do Than take a moonlight drive with you In your sweet ride Candace: My sweet ride!

All: Yeah!

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