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Episode: "Thanks But No Thanks"


Pyramid sports, pyramid sports, pyramid; Pyramid, pyramid sports.

If you want something new, we've got the game for you: It's a sport of a different sort; you can do what the pharaohs do. The new recreation that is sweeping the nation with pyramid formation:

(Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!) Pyramid sports, pyramid sports, pyramid; Pyramid, pyramid sports.

Here's how you play!

Form yourselves into a pyramid, I guess that's step number one. Try any sport, now experiment, Just go and have some fun. You can do any sport you wish: archery, bowling, You can even pyramid fish.

I don't care if it's played in a field or on a court, 'Cause everyone here is into pyramid sports!

(Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!) Pyramid sports, pyramid sports, pyramid sports; Pyramid sports, pyramid sports!

VSP Group, mi programa de socios. ¡Conéctate!

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